Age: 9

Coding Fact: Muhammad Hamza Shahzad is currently the youngest coder in the world. 

Muhammad Hamza Shahzad is a nine-year-old British Pakistani from Birmingham, UK. He discovered his passion at an early age, becoming one of the youngest accomplished programmers in the world. He started his journey with coding at the age of six, nurturing his love for programming. Not only is he talented, but he is certified. Muhammad recently completed a Microsoft coding certificate after studying for six months. His score? 757, 57 points higher than the required passing score.   



Age: 15

Coding Fact: Tanmay Bakshi has given a TedTalk on his love for programming.

Another young and famous programmer, Tanmay Bakshi, caught the world’s attention, not only as a software developer, but as an author, speaker, Youtuber, and the world’s youngest IBM Watson developer. The young talent began his programming career at the age of five, while at the age of eight, he designed his first app. Tammy described is excitement for programming at a young age stating in an interview with Factor Daily,“My dad was a computer programmer, and since he would code a lot, it kind of intrigued me how computers could display things like ‘hello world’ and even my name. As a five-year-old, I thought it was magic, and I wanted to know how it’s done and get to the depth of it.” Finally, Tanmay became an IBM Watson developer at the age of 12. Currently, Tanmay is working on a project with IBM that centers around helping a quadriplegic woman learn how to communicate through the power of artificial intelligence. 



Age: 14

Coding Fact: Isabel Sieh is the Founder of “Girls Will Code.” 

The Filipino-American teenager began her coding journey at the age of 10. This love for coding initially started when she quickly discovered how much she loved math. Getting directed to the coding, math, and science website Codeacadmey by her teacher, Isabel picked up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is currently practicing Python. She recently founded the company “Girls Will Code” to help other young girls interested in learning how to code find their path. 



Age: Sanjay (14) and Shavran (16)

Coding Fact: CEO and President of GoDimensions

Shravan Kumaran and his younger sibling Sanjay Kumaran are India's youngest entrepreneurs. Shravan, 16, is the president and Sanjay, 14, is the CEO of Go Dimensions, an app development unit that they founded 4 years ago in their bedroom in their home in Chennai. They have been identified as the youngest mobile application programmers in India and one of the youngest in the World. They have developed over 7 applications that are available in Apples App Store. They have also created 3 apps for Google's Android Play store and have a few on Windows as well.


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